December 23, 2015


Dr. Chuck Lawless is one of the leading church and denominational consultants in the country today. He and his team provide consultations that range from analysis off site to one-day visits to multi-month and multi-year contracts. Fees for the consultations are submitted in a consultation and fee proposal.

Some of the work of his team includes the following:

  • Church Health Assessment
  • Location/Relocation Analysis
  • Reversing Declining and Plateauing Churches
  • Strategic Planning for Churches, Denominations, and Parachurch Organizations
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Retainer Relationships for Six Months or One Year
  • Cutting-edge Research for Churches and Denominations
  • Community Analysis
  • Growth Obstacle Analysis
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sunday School or Small Group Health Analysis
  • Establishing a Vision
  • Facility Analysis
  • Budget and Financial Analysis
  • Staffing Analysis
  • Becoming a Missional/ Great Commission Organization
  • Community Research
  • Security Analysis and Training